Our Water Damage Restoration process

We provide water damage restoration quickly and efficiently.

On-site Inspection & Water Damage Assessment

Our rapid response water damage restoration team will arrive on site to evaluate and itemize all water damage to your property from water leaks. Our emergency services restoration teams are available after hours as necessary. We utilize the most widely accepted insurance claim software (Xactimate) to assist in communicating quickly with your insurance company

We are committed to doing all we can to ease the insurance approval process and begin work quickly to prevent any secondary and unnecessary damages. We'll be sure to explain the professional restoration process and what to expect to make our clients feel comfortable with each step.

Water Removal & Extraction

With your approval, we'll work swiftly to begin the water cleanup services, handling all your furniture and fixtures with care to minimize any further damage.  We also work with a team of highly recommended plumbers to assist with shutting off or repairing any broken or leaking pipes or appliances in preparation for water damage restoration of your space.  During this stage we may remove flooring, walls, water damaged ceiling pieces, related fixtures or equipment to enable a quicker, more effective drying process.

Drying & Dehumidification

Following the water removal, we'll begin drying out the space with the newest, most technologically advanced equipment on the market. Our expertly trained technicians will set up any necessary dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, fans and supplemental equipment to dry, preserve and protect your home from further damage. We'll record all of the necessary technical information to communicate with your water damage insurance adjuster about the process and progress.

Water Damage Cleaning & Repair

Following the drying of your space, we'll work with our team to begin restoration cleaning and repair your damaged property.  Our team of affiliated home restoration contractors are capable of restoring your home to better than its original condition.  Our relationship with expert flooring contractors also enables us to offer the best service possible.  We have the expertise to identify your flooring, properly estimate, and plan to make your property whole again.  

Water Damage Restoration

Our team of disaster restoration experts will coordinate the final steps in returning your space to the best condition possible, likely even better than before the water damage. We manage the details from start to finish with fast, effective communication and friendly service.